KC Fusion/Challenger Core+ Creative Skills Camp


The ‘Creative Skills’ Core+ summer camps experience offers a wide variety of fun & games, with soccer at it's core, through it's innovative & exciting camp concept.

On the camp, your children will have a wide variety of fun & unique soccer games to play, learning the advanced street skills from international expert coaches, make great friends from the local area and take home lasting memories of their time on camp with Creative Skills.

Designed with clubs & players in mind

Creative Skills offers a unique camp concept to clubs & organizations, to help complement & support them in their player development needs and help unlock creativity in their players.

Our camps can help take your players to the next level, teaching them to play without fear and teaching them the advanced street skills that lie in the heart of all great soccer players. This accelerates a player's learning and assists them to produce better performance on the field.

Unlike most skill camps being purely technical, this camp also focuses on the psychological & philosophical combined aspects to create an atmosphere which fosters creative player development. This is why we use a combination of 3v3 inflatable fields, music and coaches that can inspire and motivate young players. You will not find another camp like this!

Helping players realize their potential

Our curriculum is very carefully designed and structured to show the importance of creating a learning environment, enabling players to realize their potential in all formats of the game.

On camp, players will receive high-quality coaching, from expert international coaches, who have been developing creative players for years all over the world.


Dates: 07/24/23 to 07/28/23
Times: 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm
Price: $210.00


Field: Mill Valley High School Soccer Field
  • Mission

    To develop the whole soccer player—from a child’s first touch to the academy level—by delivering an environment built on Integrity, Accountability, and Respect. We are committed to maintaining a family culture, while embracing our position as the foundation of the game at all levels in Kansas City.
  • vision

    We are more than a soccer club. We are a family rooted in the tradition of developing people of high character and success, both on and off the field.
  • core values

    We value Integrity, Accountability, and Respect in our coaches, players, staff, and families.
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